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The Tower of Pisa is located in Piazza del Duomo, 56126 Pisa PI, Italy. 

It is explicitly located in the Piazza dei Miracoli, also known as the Piazza del Duomo or the Field of Miracles. 

This square is home to several significant architectural structures that surround the Leaning Tower, including the Pisa Cathedral or Duomo di Pisa (500 meters away), the Baptistery (130 meters away) and the Camposanto Monumentale (1.2 km away).

You can reach the tower easily by public transport from different parts of Italy.  

Here are various ways to reach the Leaning Tower of Pisa:


To get to the Leaning Tower of Pisa by train, you can take a direct train from Florence to Pisa’s S. Rossore train station, which is 900 meters (13 minutes walk away) from the tower. 

Alternatively, you can take a train to Pisa Centrale and then take a bus or walk to the tower.

The train ride from Florence to Pisa takes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes, and the train ticket costs around €10-€15 one way. 

Once you arrive at Pisa Centrale, you can take a bus to the Campo dei Miracoli, where the Leaning Tower and Duomo are located. 

The bus stop is in front of the tower, and the ride takes approximately 10 minutes. 

If you prefer to walk, it is a 22-minute walk from the train station to the tower.

Pro Tip: Train is the most comfortable and affordable way to reach Pisa. 

If you arrive with luggage, remember, there is a storage facility right outside where you can leave all your luggage!

For more such tips, check out tips for visiting the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Pisa Mover Shuttle

The shuttle service provides a cost-effective and efficient way to travel between the San Giusto/Aurelia funicular station and the Pisa Airport, making it a convenient option for reaching the Leaning Tower.

The distance from the San Giusto/Aurelia funicular station to the tower is approximately 400 meters, a short walking distance from the station to the tower. 

The shuttle service runs daily from 6 am to midnight, with a frequency that varies from 6 to 9 minutes during the day.

A single ticket for the Pisa Mover Shuttle costs €5. Visitors can purchase the ticket upon arrival at vending machines at the Pisa Airport station. 


Take the LAM “ROSSA” bus to “Park Pietrasantina” and get off at “Torre.” If you see the gate to the Cathedral Square or Piazza dei Miracoli, you’ve arrived at the stop. 

The bus ride from the Pisa Centrale train station to the Leaning Tower of Pisa takes approximately 10 minutes.

Buses 3 and 4 can also take you to the Tower of Pisa. Make sure to purchase your ticket at Pisa Centrale before boarding the bus. 

The ticket should cost €1.70 and be valid for 70 minutes from Pisa Centrale.


Cabs are available 24 hours a day at the train station and airport. You can take a cab from anywhere in the city to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. 

The driver must activate the metered fares at the beginning of every journey.

A taxi from Pisa Centrale to the Leaning Tower of Pisa should cost around €9, and a taxi from the airport should cost about €12.


Bike rentals are available at Pisa Centrale and throughout the city. You can rent one for €10 per day or even less if you only need it for a few hours.


From Pisa Centrale train station, it is a 22-minute walk to the tower. 

The walk is approximately 1.2 kilometers and takes you through Pisa, passing various shops and restaurants. 

The route is mostly flat, making it an easy and enjoyable walk.


Use a GPS or mapping app to find the best route to Pisa from your starting location.

Follow the signs for Pisa as you approach the city.

Once in Pisa, look for signs pointing to the Piazza dei Miracoli (Square of Miracles), home to the famous tower.

There are several parking options near the tower. 

It’s a secure parking lot with CCTV and offers both short-term and long-term parking. 

The daily rate is around €2 per hour (from 6.30 am to 11.30 pm) and €1 per hour (11.30 pm to 6.30 am).

  • Parcheggio Pubblico a pagamento: The Parcheggio Pubblico a pagamento (Public Paid Parking) is a great choice just a short walk away. This secure parking lot offers peace of mind with CCTV surveillance.

Keep in mind that the pricing structure is tiered. During the day, from 6.30 am to 11.30 pm, the rate is €2 per hour.  

If you arrive later at night or plan to leave early in the morning, the rate drops to a more affordable €1 per hour between 11.30 pm and 6.30 am. 

  • Free Parking outside the City Walls: A free parking lot is available outside the city walls on Via Pietrasantina, near the stadium. 

It is a park-and-ride option with a bus connection to the Square of Miracles (near the Leaning Tower) and the city center. 

The bus runs every 10-15 minutes, and a round-trip ticket costs only €1. However, remember that this option requires more time to commute to the tower.

How to Get to the Leaning Tower of Pisa from the Airport?

The best way to get to Piazza dei Miracoli is to take the PisaMover shuttle to Pisa Centrale. 

Then, take the ROSSO bus to Piazza dei Miracoli or walk or bike as indicated above.

Suppose you have luggage and are not staying in Pisa. In that case, you can leave it at the airport’s Proffer Cooperativa baggage deposit service.

However, you must return to the airport to retrieve your luggage, so make your travel plan accordingly.

The PisaMover shuttle runs at 5 to 8-minute intervals from 6 am to 12 am daily.

Pisa day trips are quite popular amongst visitors. You can maximize your time in Pisa by going on a day trip or exploring combo tickets!

How to Get to the Leaning Tower of Pisa from Florence

Pisa is a popular day trip for Florence visitors interested in checking off the wonder of the world from their bucket lists!

From Florence to Pisa by train

The most convenient way to travel from Florence to Pisa is by train. Despite the lack of high-speed rail between the two cities, one can go there via “treno regionale,” or regional train.  

You can take one of two types of regional trains: the diretto (express train), which takes only a few stops and arrives in 50 to 60 minutes, or the lunga percorrenza (long-haul), which stops locally and takes 90 minutes.

The former is ideal for those with limited time in Pisa who want to make the most of it. 

The latter is crowded with commuters, students, and locals who study and work in Florence. 

The prices are the same – a one-way ticket from Florence to Pisa costs €8. Some trains, especially express trains, may have a first-class section that costs €13. 

You must stamp your ticket before boarding the train, and there is no need to make a reservation, so take any available seat. 

Walk through Pisa’s historical center, and you will arrive at Piazza dei Miracoli in about 20 minutes. There are also local buses and taxis available.

From Florence to Pisa by bus

Even though Pisa and Florence are very close, the two city centers have no public bus service. 

Only one bus runs from Villa Costanza in Florence to Pisa International Airport (10 euros per person, 1 hour travel time). 

Villa Costanza is a tram station on Florence’s west side that is easily accessible via tram line 1 (20 minutes ride, €22 per person) from Santa Maria Novella station. 

It’s convenient for getting to the airport, but if you want to go downtown, you must take another public bus.

A more efficient solution is to take one of the many private buses that offer faster rides to the Pisa city center. 

It will drop you off at the monumental area, frequently including a guided Pisa tour of the Leaning Tower from Florence and its surrounding area.

From Florence to Pisa by car

If there is no traffic, driving from Florence to Pisa in about an hour is possible via the FI-PI-LI highway (about 52 miles). 

However, as with any historic city center in Italy, driving into Pisa can be difficult due to narrow streets and a lack of parking spaces, not to mention the limited traffic zone (ZTL), which you must avoid like the plague or face a fine. 

If you have a rented car and want to visit Pisa, we recommend using the free commuter exchange parking lot at Via Pietrasantina, which has a €1 transportation fee into the city center.

The stadium area also has both free and paid parking.

How to get to the Leaning Tower of Pisa from Rome

Pisa is one of the most famous Italian cities and an excellent day trip from Rome. The average travel time from Rome to Pisa is 2 hours and 47 minutes. 

Taking a high-speed train to your final destination is the most convenient and time-efficient option. 

There are nine trains per day between these two cities on average. You can also travel by bus or car. The cost of a ticket begins at 9 euros.

Rome and Pisa are 334 kilometers (208 miles) apart. Ccc

You can also take a day trip from Rome to enjoy a hassle-free journey and excursion. 

By Train

Trains from Rome to Pisa primarily depart from Roma Termini and Roma Ostiense train stations and arrive at Pisa Centrale. 

If you take the high-speed AV train, your journey to Pisa will take 2.5 to 3 hours one-way, whereas slower trains will take about 4 hours. 

By Bus

You can take a bus from Rome to Pisa. 

This option is inexpensive, with one-way tickets starting at €15, but it takes approximately 6 hours to reach your final destination.

Buses are roomy and comfortable, with charging ports and free WiFi. 

However, you should plan your trip better by buying cheap train tickets and arriving in Pisa in much less time than if you took the bus.

By Car

Renting a car from Rome to Pisa is undoubtedly one of the most convenient options. The total cost, including toll roads and gasoline, will be around €45. 

The distance is approximately 340 kilometers, so it will take less than 4 hours to travel from Rome to Pisa. 

Parking is not an issue, but be prepared to pay for it.

By plane

Traveling by plane from Rome to Pisa is also an option. 

The most popular airlines that offer flights between two cities are Alitalia.com (€80 to €100 for a one-way ticket) and Ryanair.com (€30 to €50 for a one-way ticket). 

Flying to your final destination takes only 55 minutes.

Take a planned day trip from Rome to Pisa and journey hassle-free through the Italian countryside, with a stop in Florence too!

How to Get to the Leaning Tower of Pisa from Milan

There are two ways to get from Milan to Pisa. 

A 3 to 6.5-hour train ride with fares starting at €28 and a 5 to 7-hour bus and train via Florence with fares beginning at €27.

By Train

There are a few direct trains from Milan to Pisa, but most require one or two transfers. 

The journey can take 3 to 6.5 hours, depending on your train type. 

Ticket prices for regional trains begin at €28 and rise to €37 for high-speed trains.

By Bus

By bus
Image: Pisatoday.it

The bus is the best option if you’re on a budget and only visiting Florence for a day. 

You can only travel up to Florence by bus, then continue by tram to the city center of Florence, where you can catch a train to Pisa. 

The total travel time is 5.5 to 7 hours, and the combined fares begin at €27.

We do not recommend flying from Milan to Pisa because there are no direct flights. 

Although the two cities have their airports, the flight takes at least 5 hours because the layover is in a city much further away than Pisa. 

Flights begin at €276, more expensive than the train and bus options.

How to Get to the Leaning Tower of Pisa from Venice

A high-speed train ride from Venice will take you to Pisa’s iconic Leaning Tower.

Depart the ‘City of Water’ first thing in the morning, changing trains in Florence. 

You could also take an earlier train to Florence and spend some time there before catching the evening train back to Venice.

By Train

By train
Image: Wikipedia.org

Your train will leave from S Lucia train station at 9 am, with a stop in Florence at 11.05 am, where you will change to a local train to Pisa. 

When you arrive in Pisa, visit Piazza dei Miracoli to admire the magnificent Cathedral, Pisa Baptistery, and Leaning Tower. 

If you want to take advantage of the opportunity to climb the tower, you can book the tower entrance ticket in advance to enjoy this fantastic experience. 

You can relax in Pisa in the afternoon or quickly stop in Florence before returning to  Venice.


Is there a specific entrance fee for visiting the Leaning Tower of Pisa?

There is an entrance fee to access the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Visitors aged 8 to 99 can purchase skip-the-line tickets, varying prices depending on the ticket type and age group.

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